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[Group] The CPC Members of China Sam Enterprise Group Actively Engaged in the Novel Coronavirus Prevention Joint Action

Source:Sam GroupDate:2020-02-11

A party branch represents a bastion, and a CPC member is a symbol of flag.

For the purpose of resolutely winning the fight against the epidemic prevention and control, and giving full play to the vanguard role of grassroots party organizations and party members, all CPC members of China Sam Enterprise Group took actions and signed The “Eight Actions” Commitment Letter for Blocking Epidemic Situation by Party Members who should be “Identifying, Leading, Modeling” in person or online. Party members promised to take the initiative in grassroots work to fight against the epidemic, and actively participated in the social joint prevention and control.

In the joint action of fighting against the epidemic, the Party members of China Sam Enterprise Group helped to build up the epidemic defense line in the company and the local community, and assisted the local personnel in epidemic prevention and control. They took the responsibilities of being as both CPC members and Sam People through practical actions.

We believe that the epidemic prevention and control blocking battle will surely win with the Party members ahead, and the power coming from the united people.

The picture shows a CPC member from China Sam Enterprise Group participating in the Novel Coronavirus prevention joint action in the community.

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