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Sam Group firmly fulfills its social responsibility and pays close attention to the sustainable development of economy, humanities and ecology while promoting business development. In combination with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and the actual development needs of the group, we adhere to the philosophy of "people-oriented" to implement social responsibilities in the whole process of corporate governance and business expansion, further promote economic growth and meet social needs actively. We protect employees' rights and interests and pay attention to the environmental protection, and contribute to the sustainable development of economy, humanities and ecology.

Culture and Education
Education is the foundation and cornerstone of national revitalization and social progress. Adhering to the concept of "helping the poor by enriching their knowledge", Sam Group always pays close attention to the education of children in poor areas. Since 2018, the group has been building rural libraries for children in poverty-stricken regions for many years, striving to improve the education environment of children in less developed areas through "educating people with books".
Health and Well-being
Sam Group has always followed the policy of "Health China" by the Party Central Committee, actively invested in the construction of medical industrial parks. We continuously increase the scale of investment in biotechnology and medical equipment business, and promote digital medical, biopharmaceutical, high precision medical equipment and raw materials trading businesses.
Gender Equality
Sam Group cares for and protects the rights and interests of every female employee, eliminating discrimination against women in recruitment and wages, while ensuring that both male and female employees have equal opportunities to enter the leadership. In addition, Sam Group fully implements policies related to the protection of women's rights and interests, including full-term maternity leave and childcare leave.
Clean Energy
Sam Group has been engaged in the energy and chemical industry for many years, actively contributing to the technological innovation of natural gas and other clean fossil fuels. Implementing the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, we provide stable and safe energy supply to the domestic market through domestic oil and gas field development and overseas oil and gas imports to promote the sustainable development of the clean energy industry.
Climate Action
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that achieving "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" is an inherent requirement for implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development. Sam Group always adheres to the concept of green and low-carbon energy development, and is committed to improving energy utilization and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy technology innovation, upgrading equipment, and reserving forestry carbon sinks, so as to gradually achieve the “double carbon” goal.
Production and Consumption
Production and consumption can drive global economic development, but they are highly dependent on the consumption of natural environment and resources, while excessive consumption will definitely affect the sustainable development. Sam Group actively implements the relevant government policies to separate and manage the waste by posting instructions in the office and guiding employees to separate waste consciously. By effectively reducing wastes by means of emission reduction, recycling and reuse, we help realizing sustainable development of production and consumption.
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