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Established in 1985 and headquartered in Beijing, China Sam Enterprise Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Sam Group") is a national high-tech enterprise. Its business covers oil & gas, energy, investment and other fields. Sam Group is the strategic partner of ChemChina, China Chengtong Holdings Group, China Xinxing Group, Xinjiang Energy, TusHoldings, China Railway 17th Bureau Group, China Urban-Rural, Macao Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Petroleum and Natural Gas Trading Center, China Senior Professors Association and other enterprises and institutions. It has actively explored overseas markets to set up a global resource network. Sam Group has established close cooperative relations with relevant enterprises in Brazil, Paraguay, Solomon Islands, and Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore.

Brand Interpretation

The logo of Sam Group is shaped in triangle, and it highlights the sedate and lofty peronality of the enterprise. The logo is abstracted from the initials of “Sen Tian”, and the triangle top resembles an abstracted dragon raising its head, which symbolizes the determination of Sam Group to be a leader of the industry.The English font is designed to balance the weight of the characters. The letter "A" is specially designed to indicate the upward momentum reflecting unconventional, innovative character of keeping up with the times and highlighting the individuality of the brand.

Achieving Partnerships with Multiple Values

In the very beginning, Sam Group aspires to be a socially responsible enterprise. Therefore, we not only focus on profit growth, but also fulfill our corporate responsibility by enhancing business value to achieve higher social value. Therefore, we pay more attention to whether they have positive social significance, such as energy security, industrial consolidation, poverty alleviation and agricultural assistance, etc. when selecting partners and laying out business segments. By establishing strategic partnerships with enterprises and organizations in different fields, we can jointly assign multi-dimensional and multi-level social values to our business projects.

Committed to Becoming a More Influential Group for Value Construction

In order to realize extensive social value and fulfill our corporate responsibility, we will continue to enhance our ability to revitalize resources and influence, provide value-added services, and continuously discover and reorganize advantageous resources to realize value construction and win-win outcomes.

Empowering Development, Enhancing Value

Sam Group doesn't simply acquire commercial benefits, but rather enhances the prospective value by empowering various business projects and partners, and working with our partners, including government and corporate parties to create broad social value that goes beyond commercial value.

Brand Interpretation

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